Take the Next Step

Your journey will only take you as far as you will go.

People will often leave a church claiming they aren’t getting anything out of it. But we think you get out of a church only as much as you are willing to put into it. We believe that God calls us to respond to His incredible love and mercy. There are many different ways we can respond, but here are a few of those ways.

Community Groups

The Life Blood of our Church

Really knowing and being known is difficult in our time and culture. Yet, the consistent picture throughout scripture of the people of God is that of a family or a community.  In these groups, the people of God are truly able to do life together, grow in our faith,  share one another’s joys, bear one another’s burdens, and encourage each other.  We consider community group as the lifeblood of church where we can care for one another.

Our community groups are co-ed and intergenerational (children included!).  We meet weekly to eat, study, and pray together.

Meet Jesus

You might know all about Him, but do you know Him?

Knowing of Jesus and knowing about Jesus is far different than knowing Jesus to the point of recognizing his voice. Whenever there is a doubt or question in life, Jesus has an answer for you and for your situation. So, let us introduce you to Jesus, as you get to know him, your faith is bound to blossom.

Water Baptism

Our public declaration.

Baptism is the outward sign of the inward grace that God is working within the individual to bring them cleansing, wholeness and restoration into God’s family as one of God’s adopted children. Baptisms are meant to be done in celebration and in community. Baptisms are done as part of our worship services. If you are interested in being baptized, our elders will discuss it with you and pray with you in making this bold and beautiful decision.

Join the Family

Covenant with one another

We often picture a family coming around a table to enjoy a meal together and eat and connect.  This is why we call our membership class the "Table Class".   You are invited to join us at our table to learn more about Aletheia College Park, who we are, and what it means to become a covenant member of our church family.

Join the Mission

It's not about us.

Our mission in life is to bring God glory through loving Him and others.  We believe God gives us a deeper joy in Him as we seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

God calls us to reach outside our walls and love those around us, where we work, play, sleep, and eat.  Find out how you can get on mission. We have opportunities for you to serve close to home or on the other side of the world.