Welcome to Aletheia College Park

Imagine a church whose mission is to welcome those who are far from God. A safe place to ask your questions.  A family to walk alongside you as you follow Christ. That is who we strive to be.

Our Vision, Values, and Beliefs

Our vision is simple.  Cultivate gospel-center community. Engage the world with the good news. Restore our city.  We are far from perfect.  We are broken people helping other broken people learning to rely on God's power alone instead of our own strength to move in us, through us, and around us.

We're all about relationships

Life is an adventure. It’s painted with celebrated victories and littered with agonizing defeats. Regardless of the season we are in, we all need the love and support of friends. Your faith journey is both very personal and very social. Life is better together, so we work hard to be a place where you can expect to meet new friends who really love you.

Preaching God's Word

We believe that the Bible is the greatest source of truth.

Worship is centered around the Word and by this we mean the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ. We worship God the Father in relationship with Jesus the Son, the One by whom we have access to God. Jesus is the embodiment of God’s Word, the Scripture. Each time we gather for worship, the Bible is explained in ways that all people can understand it, as we walk verse by verse through books of the Bible.

We value family

Parenting is hard. We're here to partner with you.
You shouldn't be on your own to do something as important as raising a family.  Children are very welcome in our community, including Sunday service, community groups, and events.  Let's do this together.

Our Church is located in College Park, MD.
  The home of the University of Maryland.
  This was not by accident.

We Love College Students

We planted this church in College Park because we have a heart for  college students.  Both for the opportunities it brings to help students come to know Christ or grow in their faith during a critical time in their life and the energy they bring to the life of our church.

Music That Moves You

Don't be confused. This isn't a concert.

These are the sounds of Aletheia College Park Church. These songs are the lyrics that flow from our hearts to our King. We sing because we love Him.

Plan A Visit

Be our honored guest.