Media and Creative Arts Serving Opportunities

Sunday Service Slides Designers & Operators

Description: We need volunteers to help create weekly slide decks and to run those slides during church service on Sundays. Worship song lyrics, scripture readings, sermon notes, a countdown video, a bumper video for the sermon series, and a graphic for the sermon series comprise the slide decks. Using our slides templates, the current sermon series graphic and video, existing worship song slides, and notes from Rob, you will create a new slide deck each week.

We also need volunteers who will operate the slides on Sunday mornings. Volunteers show up at 10:00 AM to set up the computer and get the slides up on the projector. You can then make sure everything looks correct and that any media is playing. The worship and sound team will coordinate with you to get everything setup correctly. You will also use the computer to play music on the speakers before and after service begins.

Skills Required: Familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint

Volunteers Needed: No limit.

Estimated Time Commitment: It will take an hour or less to make the slide deck. You must arrive to church an hour early to run slides. You will not be on duty every week.

Graphic Designers

Description: Aletheia College Park has a number of print and digital graphic design needs. These include, but are not limited to, informational cards and bookmarks, web and social media graphics for events, and graphics for each sermon series.

We need volunteers with graphic design experience and interest to help create new and refine existing graphics. We need both simple, text-based graphics and materials as well as more visual-based graphics for our sermon series. Aletheia logos, templates, and other assets are provided. Please contact Holly at to see examples.

Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign

Volunteers Needed: 2-3

Estimated Time Commitment: Varies. Printed materials and digital graphics are needed every few weeks or months. Those working on sermon series graphics will have to make two to five every year.

Social Media Manager

Description: Aletheia College Park has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo accounts that need to be maintained. Vimeo is home to our weekly sermon recordings, testimony videos, and bumper videos, while our social media accounts are a way we can directly engage our community. We also have a Hootsuite account which can be used to manage the accounts more strategically, and allow you to schedule posts ahead of time.

We need volunteers with writing, marketing, and/or social media experience and interest to manage these accounts. There is a lot of room for growth, strategy, and creativity in this role; we have not yet developed social media strategy or schedules, and we would love someone to take on the challenge of being the online voice of Aletheia. You will also collaborate with graphic designers, videographers, and photographers to share our content and make more visually appealing posts.

Skills Required: Writing and experience with social media

Volunteers Needed: 1-2

Estimated Time Commitment: Social Media Managers will spend thirty minutes to an hour each week working on posts. If more time is spent developing strategies and schedules, it may take less time. Time commitment also depends on how many accounts you manage.


Description: Aletheia College Park produces multiple videos each year. We have three main types of videos: weekly sermon recordings, creative bumper videos for our sermon series, and testimony videos featuring church members. These videos require a range of production and editing skills. Aletheia provides a DSLR camera and equipment, but not editing software.

We need volunteers who are willing to manage the camera during Sunday church service and then edit and upload the recordings to Vimeo afterward; volunteers willing to interview church members and create compelling stories out of them; and volunteers willing to work with Rob on the sermon series vision to create creative videos that give an overview of the theme of the series.

Skills Required: Experience using a DSLR camera and fluency with a video editing software

Volunteers Needed: 2-5

Estimated Time Commitment: Varies. Editing and uploading the Sunday service recording takes an hour or less each week, and the number of weeks depends on the number of volunteers. Filming and editing creative bumper and testimony videos will take longer, but are needed only a few times a year.


Description: At Aletheia College Park, we are building up a base of photos to use for social media posts, our website, digital graphics, and print materials. High quality photos are essential for telling our story and communicating our vision in promotional, social, and informational materials. Photos also help us document important moments, such as baptisms, and put faces to the leadership of our church for our website. Our photographers have taken photos during worship service, community groups, and events.

We need volunteers with photography experience to occasionally take photos during church-sponsored gatherings. We also call on our photographers to take portraits of our community group leaders for the website. As our online presence grows, we may need more types of photos and are also looking for new, fresh ideas.

Skills Required: Experience using a DSLR and working knowledge of photography principles

Volunteers Needed: No limit.

Estimated Time Commitment: Photographers are needed on a fairly limited basis and can mostly take photos at events they are already attending, such as services, community groups, and church events.

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