Greeting Team Opportunities


The greeting ministry is one of several ways Aletheia tries to outreach to new people. Our primary goal as a ministry is to welcome and talk to visitors, inform them about the church, answer any questions they may have as well as following up with them throughout the week. We want our visitors to feel like they are not only wanted here, but cherished and loved as well. Our secondary goal as a ministry is to serve, and love our regulars and members of the church by words and acts of encouragement.

We usually schedule 3-4 greeters a week. If scheduled to serve that week, a greeter will show up at 9:30 that Sunday morning to help set up the resource table, lamps, and foyer area. After setting up the greeters pray together and then just greet! After service the greeters will help clean up what they set up.
Skills Required: Willingness to step out your comfort zone to engage in conversation with strangers , need to be a member

Volunteers Needed: 3-4

Estimated Time Commitment: Our expectation as a ministry is that a greeter can serve at least once a month. Sunday mornings you can expect to spend an hour and half before service and about 30 minutes after. We may meet outside of Sunday once or twice a semester for meetings.

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