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Cultivate gospel-centered community

Acts 2:42-47

The Gospel does not only rescue us individually from the just wrath of God, but it also adopts us into a family.  From the beginning God has carried out His plan of redemption and renewal through His people.  Therefore, it is not only vital to our personal walk with Christ that we immerse ourselves in biblical community, but it is also vital to our mission as the church.  We believe that this Gospel message is most clearly proclaimed and embodied in the context of biblical community.  Therefore we will strive to create a culture where our people do life together and invite those who do not know Christ along on the journey.

Engage the world with the good news

Romans 10:13-15

The Gospel message redeems a people, through whom the message is then taken to the world.  Every believer that has been rescued by the grace of the cross has also been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:19).  This ministry is not an event but a lifestyle that encompasses how we interact with those where we live, work and play.  This call is for every member to live life with gospel-intentionality in the natural rhythms of their life so that through their witness God can work through His people to rescue others and restore all things to Himself.

Restore our city

Revelation 21:5

As believers we live in the tension of what has been fully completed in the work of Christ on the cross and the reality of still living in a broken world.  However, our hope is in the future grace of God’s completed work of renewal in His creation.  We understand that we are expressions of this work in the world we live in.  Therefore, we will strive through both our organic and intentional interactions with our city to make College Park a clearer expression of the renewing work of our Creator.