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Gospel-centered Teaching

We believe that the Bible tells a story of God’s redemption and renewal of His creation and that this story centers on Jesus. Therefore we strive to communicate how every page of Scripture points to the person and work of Jesus in every sermon, bible study and daily interaction that we engage in.


We believe that this Gospel message is most clearly proclaimed and embodied in the context of biblical community. Therefore we will strive to create a culture where we do life together and invite those who do not know Christ along on the journey.


We love students and believe that God has uniquely positioned them to mobilize the gospel around the world. We will then strive to reach out to the local universities with the gospel message and equip students to be missionaries in their given contexts.


The renewal of family is also a part of God’s grand redemptive plan. We believe that it is in the family where ministry must begin and be focused. We encourage and challenge fathers to be the pastors of their families and homes to be centers for growth and mission. We desire that young men and women to be in ministry along side gospel-centered families.

City Renewal

God’s redemptive story is about more than rescuing individual souls. God’s redemptive work is comprehensive and includes the renewal of culture. Our aim is to work toward the renewal of the university and our city. Our goal is to establish a church that combines both of these worlds in beautiful diversity. Together through the power of the gospel, we will seek both corporately and individually to bring healing and redemption to the broken aspects of the University of Maryland and the City of College Park.


The Gospel leads to transformation and transformation will lead to multiplication of both individuals and churches. We seek to create a culture of multiplication as seen in 2 Timothy 2:2. In addition to multiplying individual disciples, our aim is to consistently plant churches in the Mid-Atlantic region, and across the country. Our metric for success will not be determined by the numerical growth that we experience alone, but by how well we multiply for kingdom growth