International Ministry



The Aletheia International Ministry exists to connect international, foreign exchange students, and refugees to the greater Church body by fostering partnerships. We also exist to engage our church in considering the needs of those internationals.


  1. Consider the sojourners – Developing a healthy biblical view of loving and serving people who enter our country: international students, foreign exchange students and refugees. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus… – Phil 2:4-5
  2. Care for the sojourners – Offering avenues where internationals can receive free basic needs upon entry to the U.S. Intentionally engaging with internationals, allowing them share their lives and experience the Gospel. Love the sojourner, therefore, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt. – Deut. 19:10


  1. Humility – Counting the international students more significant than ourselves.
  2. Hospitality – Providing for their household needs upon their arrival.
  3. Partnership – Offering friendship to international students with Americans who are affiliated with Aletheia. Educating the local church on international culture.

Ministry Team:

  • Devans – Recycling Program Lead, (301) 500-05411
  • Nafisha – Organic Fellowship Lead, (202) 415-7654
  • Joyce – Education Coordinator

Ministry Partners:  International Friends Club (CRU Bridges & International Students Inc.)


Help Needed

Student Representative  

  • Description: Aletheia Church is seeking UMD students to reach out to international students on the University of Maryland Campus. Individuals who are willing to engage with international students on campus. This includes but not limited to starting friendship partnerships, safe space groups, bible study groups and other missional efforts on campus.  
  • Skills Recommended:  
    • Must be UMD Student
    • Passion for evangelism, philosophy, and apologetics
    • Passion for world missions and international students
  • How Many Volunteers Needed: Unlimited
  • Commitment Level:  Intermediate
  • Contact:


Recycling Coordinator  

  • Description: Aletheia Church is seeking a recycling coordinator to help store, gather and distribute free household items to incoming international students on the University of Maryland Campus, and promote it on social media.
  • Skills Recommended:  
    • Detail Orientated and Well-organized
    • Have or own a car or truck
    • Exceptionally resourceful
  • How Many Volunteers Needed: 1-3
  • Commitment Level:  Intermediate
  • Contact:


English Teacher  

  • Description: Aletheia Church is seeking a person who can teach an English Class for international students and refugees in the Spring Semester and on.
  • Skills Recommended:  
    • Knowledge of English language and grammar
    • Ability to instruct others and teach the English Language
    • Detail Orientated and Well-organized
  • How Many Volunteers Needed: 1-2
  • Commitment Level:  Intermediate